Wanda Nara and Camila Homs have something in common. In addition to being two very active people on social networks and causing an impact in the media, the two models have the same stylist: Kennys Palacios. The businesswoman’s friend also advises Rodrigo De Paul’s ex-partner, who recently posted a video on her Instagram account in which the professional was seen combing her hair for a campaign.

Nara and Homs were in the news recently due to the controversies that arose within their marriages. The businesswoman again faces rumors of a crisis with Mauro Icardi. While Homs, separated from De Paul, took the footballer to court for the support of their children in common, and this initially questioned his attendance at the 2022 Qatar World Cup, although later he himself denied not being able to go.

After the mediatic separation, after 11 years of relationship, the model, who together with the soccer player had Francesca, 4 years old, and Bautista, 1 year old, resumed her professional career in Argentina and accepted a contract with the renowned Multitalent agency last April. In addition, she could already be seen on magazine covers, such as Caras, or at the 100-year gala for Para Ti. And her stylist is neither more nor less than Palacios, Wanda’s faithful confidant, friend and travel companion.

Recently, the model could be seen enjoying a quiet vacation in Europe, with the main objective that her children share a few days near her father in Madrid. Meanwhile, Homs, together with her new boyfriend, businessman Carlos Benvenuto, chose Ibiza as a rest destination. From there, she shared several posts with her followers, in which she appeared enjoying a few days at the beach or at dinners and nights out with her companion.

On her part, Nara also faces accusations by former domestic employees of the marriage, for alleged mistreatment and non-payment.

Who is Kenny Palacios?

Wanda Nara’s personal stylist would now include among her special clients Camila Homs, who rejoined the world of modeling and debuted with the Multitalent agency. In her extensive career, she has served entertainment figures such as Luciana Salazar, Karina Jelinek, Silvina Luna, Vitto Saravia, Victoria and Stefanía Xipolitakis, Floppy Tesouro, Barbie Vélez and the businesswoman’s sister, Zaira; among many others.

The latter would have been the hook that Palacios had with the entertainment world, as he revealed in an interview in 2014. “One of the first people I became friends with was Zaira Nara [in 2009], and she introduced me to to the sister, to other friends… That’s how it all started,” she said.

Since then, he has been publicly seen with Wanda, of whom he is a faithful confidant, on his trips, parties and within her work. One of his last appearances in public was with the businesswoman, when they both arrived from Spain at the Ezeiza airport and were caught on camera. Nara confirmed that she will be part of the jury in the new talent show hosted by actress Natalia Oreiro, Who is the mask.

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