If you know Vicky xipolitakis, she is not a discreet person when it comes to dressing. Many times she surprised with her played looks on television, but this time she left all the viewers of Minute to win. It is that the Greek chose to wear a design full of watches.

“Vicky Xipolitakis came back and came back with all the watches”, presented it Marley.

“Yes, Minute to Win,” explained the blonde. And She adds: “I am full of minutes for them to earn a lot”. “Who put all this together?” The driver asked her, to which she replied: “A designer, especially for here. I said, ‘I want all the minutes, minutes to win, so I’m full.’

“It’s ours Lady Gaga, or Lady Gagá “, said the father of Mirko between laughs. The former star told how the particular design was made: “It is glued, cooked in a dress.”

It is not the first time that she has made an impact with her wardrobe. In 2017, the sister of Stefy had decided to carry out a charitable action and gave away money on the New York subway with a very particular method.

“Since I was traveling a lot and it had been a long time since I did a solidarity action, I said: ‘I have to do it in New York.’ I went to the subway, which I think is the humblest part. I put on a suit full of dollars so people can grab what they need”, explained the star in the program PH, can we talk.

The solidarity “dollar dress” of Vicky Xipolitakis in the United States

On another occasion, in mid-2019, she surprised on the program Around the world with a white lace catsuit with ruffles and stilettos in nude color.

“I was told: ‘You are very naked, cover yourself, it is a program that boys watch’. And I’m like this”, said the Greek. And she clarified that the dress had not been previously tried on.

The particular look of Vicky Xipolitakis in "Around the world"

The particular look of Vicky Xipolitakis in “Por el Mundo”

On March 6, Vicky made headlines for her reunion with German Martitegui on the birthday of Donato de Santis. The Italian-born chef turned 57 and celebrated them in one of his restaurants, Pizza Paradiso, located in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Belgrano.

You are beautiful on the outside and inside, I love you so much.” Vicky dedicated to Martitegui in a story that she published on her Instagram. In the photo in question they are seen very close together, with Xipolitakis sitting on Germán’s lap.

Meanwhile, in her feed, the vedette published an album of five photos in which almost all the guests of the birthday party are seen in celebration plan: “Beautiful night with people I love. Happy birthday, Donato”, Xipolitakis signed.

Vicky Xipolitakis was reunited with Germán Martitegui (Photo: Instagram @victoriaxipolitakisok)

Vicky Xipolitakis was reunited with Germán Martitegui.

For her part, Elizabeth Vernaci uploaded almost the same photos to her Instagram, adding a close-up of Vicky’s tongue very close to Martitegui’s cheek: “Germán, I understand why Vicky Xipolitakis fell in love”, Wrote the announcer.

When Xipolitakis was eliminated from Masterchef Celebrity in mid-January, she assured:

“Thank you, I love you very much with all my heart. I cry for you, because I see you suffer. I am happy because thanks to you I learned. I thank my colleagues, because of you I also grew up. Santi I adore you, it is a pleasure to work with you. The production, they are the best guys. Everyone. Pretend I’m laughing. They are tears of happiness. I love you all. It was the best thing that happened to me in my life to be here. The most important job after being a mom. I thought I had no life, we were stranded and I thought I couldn’t”.

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