Verónica Forqué left

Verónica Forqué left “MasterChef” after contracting Covid-19, and not because of “sadness”

One week after the death of the actress Veronica Forqué, the winner of four Goya awards, it has been revealed that she did not leave the program “due to depression or sadness”, but because she was infected with Covid-19 and this is “something that has not been explained.”

According to the newspaper “El País”, one of her close friends, Beatriz de la Gándara (film producer and wife of Fernando Colomo), with whom Veronica had stayed for a snack just three days before her sad loss, she has confirmed it.

“After her departure from the ‘Masterchef’ recordings. We went to eat and she told me that she had left because she had been infected with Covid. ‘Blessed Covid that has allowed me to leave the program,’ she told me,” reveals de la Gándara in that newspaper.

Beatriz publicly denounces because the truth of her exit from the culinary program has not been told. “This is something that has not been explained. Her departure was not due to depression or sadness, she told me that. Veronica assured that she had had a great time on the program but that, at times, she got very nervous and that she did not recognize herself in some of the reactions she had had. After the summer, I found her sad again”.

In addition, it considers it inappropriate for TVE to publicly expose a person with clear mental health problems:

“The things that were said about her by ‘Masterchef’ hurt me. Verónica entered voluntarily and not because she had financial problems, but because she wanted to be busy with something. I think it was not the moment and in the program they used it to create conflict. They left her naked in front of the Twitter sharks.”

The show was recorded in the spring, but aired between September and December of this year. These were the words of Verónica in the last gala in which she participated:

“I’m so-so. In the last team cooking test I was exhausted. Then I do not give more. I’m not throwing in the towel, but this time you have to be humble and say ‘I can’t take it anymore’. My body and the universe were telling me ‘You need to stop’”.

Soon TVE will broadcast Masterchef Junior and Masters of sewing without the fragments in which the actress Verónica Forqué appeared as a guest.

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