The actress Veronica Forqué went with the singer Mention Jones to the second installment of the program “Among sheep “, from La 1, in which they commented on details about their lives and their career.

The interpreter, who died today at her home in Madrid, at the age of 66, revealed that she suffered depression as a result of her separation from the director Manuel Iborra, in 2014, after more than three decades married.

“I had a very big depression. Because I had been living as a couple for many years and, in addition, we have a wonderful daughter. But I stopped loving her. It’s over and over”, she pointed out then.

“When I realized that I did not love him, the world fell on me. I was going to do? How was I going to say it? My life, my daughterm” she continued then, very excited.

So, just in those low hours of For what, the team of the series that directs Alberto Caballero remembered her. “Those of ‘The one that is coming’ called me. It was a rush and a great luck, because I had to start studying. They also called me from a theater and I did”.

Shortly after their separation, her brother also passed away. Then she found an escape route in marijuana:

“I don’t want to make an apology for marijuana or throw people at the idea that smoking is okay, but doing it for me it is like being with those beings that I want who are no longer there, my parents, my brother, the friends of my generation. I talk to them.”

Veronica explained that during her marriage she stopped smoking, but with the separation she started to do it again: “I don’t drink any alcohol, I take care of myself, but I like to smoke weed. I’m 65 years old and I can do whatever I want, I don’t bother anyone”, affirmed in her last interview in the “Deluxe”.

The actress also revealed that she practiced psychoanalysis and that it was something fundamental in their life: “When I separated from Manolo I was disappeared from psychoanalysis. Marriage is very hard, it is badly invented, it fails, everyone separates, 99 percent of my friends from school have separated or are bored”.

Refering to the first time she suffered from depression, Verónica said that it was a moment in her life in which he had many problems:

“I started being lazy about everything, my daughter went with her partner to Thailand, my partner fell apart, you know what that was. Maria in Thailand, Manolo like a pingo, it was a horrible time. The psychologist told me ‘sometimes the batteries run out’ to me all official drugs seem cool to me because I need them for other things that I will not tell”, she said.

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