Vázquez Mota: “in my close circle, there are victims of sexual violence”

Vázquez Mota: “in my close circle, there are victims of sexual violence”


Josefina Vazquez Mota chairs the Commission on the Rights of Children and Adolescents of the Senate of the Republic. From that position, he assures that he has entrenched his political efforts in making visible and addressing the crime of sexual violence against children and adolescents. It was then that the idea arose to build this book where the state of gravity is exposed and offers, in his words, the best prevention program, which is based on the one that operates within the Jewish community of Mexico and that for the book was exhibited by Moisés Laniado Kassin.

“The importance of recognizing boys and girls as subjects of law and that this prevention begins from the first years of life,” says the compiler of this volume of essays, which includes testimonies from victims who, now in adulthood, they have decided to tell their stories ”.

Such is the case of the filmmaker Katina Media Mora, director of films such as ‘You will know what to do with me’ and ‘LuTo’. In the book, she shares her story of when she was little and was abused by an alleged friend of her father. The first-person voice of the survivors is mixed with the voice of experts on the subject.

Vázquez Mota seems to have become an expert on the subject. Releases facts and figures from memory, some emanating from the book, others updated after publication. It indicates that a sexual predator attacks at least sixty times in his life; that silence, fear and impunity are allies that allow them to jump from one school to another, from one sports center to another, from one church to another and from one victim to another. 90 percent of crimes are gestated through social networks. Mexico, he continues, is the country that contributes to the world the highest number of child pornography content and the second destination for sex tourism on the planet, only below Thailand. “After organized crime and drug trafficking, the most profitable illicit business on the planet is precisely that of sexual violence against children and adolescents.


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