Vanessa Guzmán and the forceful response to those who criticize her figure

Vanessa Guzmán and the forceful response to those who criticize her figure

Vanessa Guzman has undergone an incredible body change to fulfill her dream of being a bodybuilder and representing her country. However, she was criticized on social media for her new physique.

The protagonist of “Single with daughters” highlighted the criticisms and regretted that they compare her appearance to a masculine one.

I don’t want to be offensive, but sadly the biggest critic is the people who care less, that they do not practice any discipline, that they do not know how to eat well and that they do not realize the benefits of a sport,” she told TVNotas magazine.

“I always say to women who attack: ‘Do I see myself as a man?’ Maybe you’re comparing me to your husband and I hope he’s like me. ‘ What hurts me the most is that the criticism comes from Mexicans”, she added in reference that he won a medal on behalf of his country.

Finally, the actress and former Miss Mexico asked people to put negative comments away from her life. In addition, that now she will regain a little weight, since she reached 61 kilos for the competition.

“Not for a hundred people who criticize me will I stop exercising and look like I look. At the physical level that I am right now, it is not possible to live and it is important that people know it, for that reason we have to recover a little, but without going overboard, because I have the commitment of the next competition”, she sentenced.

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