Vanesa Romero suffers from “muscular anorexia”

Vanesa Romero suffers from “muscular anorexia”

More and more people, anonymous or not, are confessing the aftermath that Covid has left them. One of them is Vanessa Romero who has been honest, and has revealed that since she was infected with Covid in March 2020 suffers from “muscular anorexia”.

The writer and director, who has just released her first short film as a director “A shitty day”, has spoken for the first time about this disease for which hse had to ask for psychological help because “she did not know what was happening to her”.

The actress acknowledged, in August 2020, that they were two very hard months. She is asthmatic but did not have pneumonia, although she did have inflammation in the bronchial tubes, which affected her nervous system.

She lost muscle mass, lost a lot of weight and sometimes lost strength. Now, she has been honest with the magazine Lecturas as she has spoken for the first time of the “muscular anorexia” that she suffers as a result of the virus. Yes “it’s like your muscles have forgotten to work,” she says.

“I used to be great, but the virus consumes you in such a way that it destroys everything, and it affected me physically”, she reveals in the interview. A sequel that has also affected her psychologically. “Not knowing what was happening to me at the beginning has led me to ask for psychological help,” she says.

The actress, known for her role as Raquel in the series ‘La que se avecina’, acknowledges having been “for a year and a half with sequels. As of today I have punctual reminders”.

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