If most professional players enjoy a comfortable salary, it is because the world of football drains a lot of money. Unfortunately, a few years after the end of their career, many footballers find themselves deprived of their fortune.

This sad reality is sometimes due to a lack of preparation and optimization of their financial resources during their period of activity. This is why the profession of wealth manager for footballers has become an essential profession in this field. Find out here what you need to know about the profession.

What is football wealth management?

Like other areas of activity, the wealth management advisor is a professional whose main mission is to support the footballer in the financial management of his assets. In other words, it is he who will assist the athlete in order to help him better manage his present and his financial future.

Given the heavy responsibility of the wealth management advisor , it is clear that becoming a wealth manager for footballers cannot be improvised.

What are the missions of a wealth management advisor?

Given the increasingly large sums that players receive, the wealth management advisor must play his role well. Below are some of its functions.

Offer the player profitable securities and real estate

Aware of the good profitability of investments in the world of furniture and real estate, the wealth management advisor must help the player to better invest his money in securities. In order not to cause the player to lose money unnecessarily, the wealth management advisor must have solid knowledge of the stock market.

He must in fact have a perfect knowledge of the stock and real estate markets to help his client buy profitable stocks and securities. In addition, the wealth management advisor must have a good real estate culture.

Thus, thanks to his skills in real estate, the player can invest in this environment with great serenity. For example, the player can buy houses with real estate companies which he can then rent out or resell if he wishes.

Clearly identify the risks of your investments

Most players who find themselves in the evening of their career without money are sometimes victims of a bad investment. This is why the Footballer Wealth Management Advisor must ensure the base of the player.

In fact, when the player wishes to invest in a business that seems lucrative to him, his wealth management advisor must anticipate the risks. This is a task not to be taken lightly, as it helps secure the player’s backs.

To achieve this, the wealth manager can, for example, carry out a checklist on which all the risks associated with his investment must be included. Once the determination of the risks has been established, his wealth manager can then offer him the various solutions in order to choose the safest placement or investment.

Note that investments must be made according to the money available to the player.

Help the player in the choice of his bank

In addition to the mission of offering the player securities and real estate, the wealth management advisor must help, or even guide the player in choosing his bank. Clearly, this choice must be made according to the interest rates, the solutions offered as well as the subscription conditions linked to certain banking services. To achieve this, the wealth management advisor can, for example, compare banks before advising his client.

Help the player better prepare for retirement

The most crucial phase in the life of a footballer is preparing for retirement. This must be done with a follow-up that presents players with several solutions. To do this, the wealth management advisor must make a balance sheet with the player.

This balance sheet must take into account his situation, his objectives and his financial investments. In reality, this aims to seek a better solution on the market. This is, for example, the case of the realization of calls for tenders as the UFF has done since its existence.

The objective here is to have a diversity of partners who will allow us to intervene in savings, real estate investments, financial investments as well as the player’s tax optimization. To succeed in their mission, the wealth management advisor for footballers can decide to work with management companies, promoters, private banks and even insurers.

Wealth Advisor Advantage

The profession of wealth manager for footballers has several advantages. First of all, we must note the remuneration side. Indeed, the salary of a wealth manager for a footballer is very interesting. Depending on the player’s remuneration, you can benefit from a salary of more than 3,000 euros .

In addition to the salary, there is also the address book side. When you practice this profession, you are in constant contact with the stars of football. This will allow you to meet many people and build many relationships.

In addition, you can sometimes benefit from the generosity of your client. This is the case of some players who offer high-value gifts (house, car, luxury jewelry, etc.) to their wealth management advisor .

Why use the services of a wealth management advisor?

Professional footballers use the services of a wealth management advisor to manage their money, to invest it and also to have retirement savings. Nevertheless, this service is not only for wealthy people. You can talk to a wealth advisor as soon as you are able to save or invest a certain amount each month. What are the benefits of the services of a wealth management professional?

Hire the services of a wealth manager for the management of an inheritance

Wealth management is a process consisting in managing the assets of an individual or a professional in the best possible way in order to preserve it and then generate profits. You can, for example, hire the services of a wealth manager to manage an inheritance.

The wealth management advisor can assist you in settling and updating the administrative aspects of your inheritance. He can also help you in settling inheritance tax and in regularizing your situation vis-à-vis the tax authorities.

The property manager accompanies you in investment projects from your inheritance. This can be the rental management of your property. With this in mind, the wealth management advisor will direct you to a competent real estate agency that offers rental management services.

If your inheritance comes in cash to invest, the wealth management advisor can tell you about the low-risk investment that can generate substantial income.

In addition, the wealth manager is able to help you with the procedures for transmitting your inheritance to your descendants.

Advice from a wealth manager for cash to invest

To be able to earn money and have a certain financial ease, it is necessary to make investments. You can use this formula if you have cash to invest. In order not to make a mistake in the choice of investment, the services of a wealth management advisor are highly recommended .

The wealth management advisor gives you investment suggestions based on the personal contribution available to you. The investment to be made can also be more ambitious if you have the possibility of taking out a loan.

For your investment project , you can invest in real estate. You can also invest in the stock market and trade, do crowdfunding, create a business or a restaurant, create a physical store or an online store…

The wealth manager gives you leads and directives according to your expectations, according to your personality and according to the objectives targeted. It also ensures optimal risk management in order to avoid significant financial losses.

The main objective of a wealth management advisor is to help you make successful investments while minimizing the risk of losing money. Also, the professional ensures transparency in the definition of his service costs. This allows you to better manage your expenses and take full advantage of the benefits of support from a competent wealth management advisor.

Achieve substantial savings thanks to the support of a wealth manager

The services of a wealth management advisor are not just for people who have an inheritance or significant money to invest. You can hire the services of this professional as soon as you are able to set aside a certain amount each month.

At the very beginning, the wealth management advisor can help you choose the investments to make in order to grow your money. This can be the opening of a savings account or a passbook A. It can also be a savings account for the purchase of a car or real estate. The professional may also suggest that you vary your investments in order to make it grow quickly.

When you have a certain amount of money at your disposal, the wealth manager can suggest investments that allow you to strengthen your personal wealth . Thanks to this process, the money is transformed into a tangible asset like a home, a physical store, a small and medium-sized business, a school or a training center…

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