Valentina’s boyfriend, Marcos de Gran Hermano’s sister, told what life is like together in the French Alps

Valentina’s boyfriend, Marcos de Gran Hermano’s sister, told what life is like together in the French Alps

Valentina’s boyfriend from Big Brother told how they met (Video: “A la Barbarossa”, Telefe)

Tonight there will be a special gala Big brother: Rodolfothe dad of Nachothere valentinathe sister of MarcosThey play for their respective relatives. The audience will decide which of the two will pass leadership to the contestant by voting who leaves the house first. For example, both will leave today, but the main thing is that one does after the other. In addition, everyone will receive an electric motorcycle as a gift.

The two are contestants and favorites among pageant fans, but what Valentina doesn’t know is that a surprise awaits her outside: her French boyfriend, Alexis Amato, made the trip from Salta – where she was this week with her in-laws – to receive her, like her best friends. It’s that they appreciate the sacrifice he made when he walked into the most famous house in the land just to accompany his brother in need.

This is how the young Frenchman himself told it this Tuesday on a live mobile that he sold At Barbarossathe first television interview he consented to, not to mention that he had already spoken with Santiago del Moro from the podium during the programme’s galas. There he also revealed how he met Valentina, in 2019, through a dating app while on a trip to South America. He had been to Peru, Bolivia and Tucumán (in the north of the country) when he decided to go online to meet people. On the other end of the line was Marcos’ sister, with whom he made match and they agreed to meet.

“The first date was amazing, we talked for four, five hours in a bar and we didn’t realize the time. It happened in two seconds, “said the young man who is dedicated to web design and who is currently working remotely from Argentina. What were you talking about? When consulted on the morning show hosted by Georgina Barbarossa, he assured that his conversations are just as deep as those views inside. Big brother Between Marcos and Valentina: “On philosophy, on what we have around us, the human being, relationships. And so we love each other. It was love at first sight”.

Valentina Ginocchio and Alexis Amato
Valentina Ginocchio and Alexis Amato

Later, he continued to travel -accompanied by his best friend-, they continued to talk to each other daily on WhatsApp and met later to share another experience together: “We left for a two-month trip to Brazil and Uruguay. That’s how we fell in love.” Already thinking about the future of the couple, Alexis asked Valentina if she wanted to go to France with him, she accepted and did so after the pandemic: “She took a plane, learned French, found a job and already has his life there”, says who arrived in Argentina with the young woman to visit the family. According to what he said, his plan is to stay until Marcos leaves the house because his sister wants to be there to receive him.

“Now it is an option to live in Argentina. Our dream is to live six months here and six months there so that we can see our families. We are both very familiar. But there is no plan , we take life as it comes,” said Alexis, who currently lives in a 60 square meter apartment in the US capital. french alps with Valentin She works as a private Spanish teacher and they also meditate together, as seen in the contest.

Then he said that Marcos’ parents – who have been separated for a few years, although he cannot say how many – received him as if he were one more child, and they did the same with his parents when they visited Argentina last year. .

For his part, he stressed that his partner’s entire family has “a lot of values” and that they are proud of the presence of the two in the most famous house in the country. He also pointed out that Valentina “was her” in this and that the only thing she would need to show was her artistic side: reading, painting or writing.

Marcos is playing with his heart,” said Big Brother’s boyfriend Valentina (Video: “A la Barbarossa”, Telefe)

Meanwhile, about his brother-in-law, he said that “Marcos is like that, calm down”. And he assured that “he plays” and why he is “quiet”: “He always thinks before talking about deep things with people. I think he plays at being him -he repeated- he plays with his heart. And people like that. We talk a lot, we always have very deep conversations.” And he bet chips on the future lawyer: “He’s going to win.”

On the other hand, he revealed that every Sunday, Marcos’ family – parents, uncles and cousins ​​- get together to eat barbecue and watch the elimination gala, as well as everyone watching the live broadcast. and what was going on at home for 24 hours. hours. “I don’t think he imagines the support he has from the public”, he considered of the humility of his brother-in-law, who warned that he would come to play Big brother Just “at the last moment”.

“I hadn’t said anything at all. We found out at the end, when he was about to come in. It was his decision and we had to respect it,” he said of the participant who had even accepted everything to go to Qatar in 2022 with a friend. However, he ended up watching the World Cup from home.

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