Just yesterday we were receiving information that the famous television actor Toño Mauri, was in the hospital after surgery for an intestinal obstruction that had to be treated immediately.

Now his son Antonio Mauri Jr. has shared that Tono Mauri is better now, he had an intestinal adhesion, bands of tissue that form inside the abdomen and that can be between two or more organs, something that was happening in his intestines.

It ensures that when a person moves the surfaces of the different organs do not stick together, but when something like what happened happens, they can be compressed or pulled against each other, which can cause complications such as the intestinal obstruction that was presented to him.

Of course, this was not the only concern, since we know that a few months ago the famous man underwent a double lung transplant, so he would have to take good care of himself, to avoid any complications after everything he had done. lived thanks to world suffering.

In an interview with the media, his son said: “His intestine was bent and he underwent surgery without a problem, everything went super well, now he’s on his way and he ate, he’s going to be careful about the type of food he eats, avoid fats, but not there was no problem”.

“They had to introduce a tube, thank God this did not affect his lungs or anything about his other operation, we just have to wait for them to tell us when he can come out.”

His father had several projects planned for this year, the first being the presentation of a book in which he shares his medical experience with the virus that affected the entire world, an experience that has surely marked him for life and that kept him going for more than half a year in the hospital.

The book will arrive in September, they also seek to promote faith, hope and everything they have experienced in these difficult times, it could be addressed through a documentary, but we will have to see that to see what they decide.

He will also be present at the launch of a series for HBO Max called ‘Mariachis’, where they tell a story in which Toño Mauri participates. We will have to wait to see what his result is in this participation.

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