A day like today, but from 1964, the model and presenter Rebecca de Alba was born, here we show you how she looked before she was famous!

Rebecca de Alba is considered one of the most beautiful conductors on Mexican television, and on several occasions she has verified that her beauty and talent in front of her camera have accompanied her since she was a child.

It has been through social networks where various images have emerged dating from the early years of Ricky Martin’s former partner, a fact that sparked the public’s curiosity to know what she looked like before welcoming fame.

One of the photographs that has attracted the most public attention is the one in which the famous woman, who celebrates another year of life this October 26, poses in her native Zacatecas.

According to the story of Rebecca de Alba, the postcard was captured when she was only 16 years old, so she had a jovial appearance, but with the features that characterize her: “The photo was taken by a friend in the mother’s garden in Zacatecas (…) I loved the cowboy look in the shirts and sometimes in the boots”, she said about her outfit.

This is not the only photograph of the supermodel during her youth that has come to light on social networks, since the artist herself has shared one or another look at her “I” from her past.


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Such was the case of that postcard in which the famous 58-year-old wore a stunning black dress with interesting high boots with zebra print. She highlighted that the model wore a natural face and without a drop of makeup.

“Ordering my photos from various shootings, I chose this one to share with you,” Rebecca de Alba wrote at the time to accompany the aforementioned image.

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