This is the unknown brother of Alejandra Rubio: how does he get along with her?

This is the unknown brother of Alejandra Rubio: how does he get along with her?

The Fields are on everyone’s lips again, if they ever stopped being. The open war between Terelu Campos and Alejandra Rubio against Carmen Borrego has led them to star in the main headlines of the heart press, and the tense atmosphere that is now breathed in the clan seems far from returning to normal, when they sold the image of a united family both in good times and in those not so good.

The truth is that it is one of the most famous sagas and their conflicts are always the order of the day, although there is one person who has managed to go unnoticed in public opinion. It’s about Sergio, Alejandra Rubio’s older brother.

Sergio is the fruit of a Alejandra Rubio’s father’s relationship prior to his marriage to Terelu Campos. He is thirteen years older than her and although the collaborator of ‘Viva la vida’ does not remember him “because she was very little” came to live together for a time, as she revealed on her Mtmad channel, Mediaset’s digital platform.

There she also assured that her relationship with her brother today is fantastic: “I have a fantastic relationship with him, I adore him because he is my little brother.”

That was the first and last time that Alejandra Rubio spoke publicly about her brother Sergio, and it seems that he likes to go unnoticed.

Even so, the tertullian wanted to share with her Instagram followers a photograph in which both pose very happy, thus putting face to the first-born of Alejandro Rubio. In the snapshot, you can also see how much they love each other.

So much so that Alejandra Rubio even wears a tattoo in hid honor, the same show of affection she carried out with other members of her family. Just like dhe got a ‘T’ for hrt mother and an ‘A’ for her father, she did the same with an ‘S’ for her brother Sergio.

But how does Sergio make a living? Unlike his sister, he has chosen to develop his career outside of the spotlight and is dedicated to the graphic design sector, as published in the magazine ¡Hola!

Also, just like his little sister, he has a highly developed artistic side and has also made his first steps in the music industry. Although he began to stand out as a DJ, now he reserves his sessions only for his friends and acquaintances, although he continues to produce and mix songs for third parties. In that family they are pure talent!

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