In mid-July, the magazine “Semana” confirmed the news of the separation of the popular presenter Ramon Garcia and his wife, the journalist Patricia Cerezo, after 24 years of marriage. The couple took separate paths and even put the family villa for sale, located in Pozuelo de Alarcón (Madrid).

Four months later, the identity of the man who occupies the heart of the former television hostess has been revealed. He is Kiko Gámez Martínez, he is 45 years old -four years younger than Patricia- and he is a director of Tuenti, a smaller company of the Telefónica brand.

According to “Esdiario”, their relationship dates back to last February and is so serious that he even meets Patricia’s eldest daughter, Natalia.

The couple who have tried to stay in the background was discovered after attending the 45th birthday of Genoveva Casanova, ex of Cayetano Martínez de Irujo and a close friend of Patricia, who was on October 30. Then they left Casanova and went with other friends and Patricia’s brother, José Luis, to continue the party.

Kiko Gámez is a Telecommunications engineer and also lives in the Pozuelo de Alarcón area, where Patricia Cerezo has great friends.

The last time Cerezo and Ramón García posed together was on the occasion of the coming-of-age of their eldest daughter, Natalia. A party that was held in September at the boutique hotel El Antiguo Convento, in Boadilla del Monte. Ramón García and Patricia Cerezo maintain a cordial relationship.

“Everything in order, if you are late for everything, it is very old news and this. That’s it, everything is in order, everything is perfect: we are divorced, we have a divorce decree, we are making a move like everyone else does”, confirmed Ramón García when the news of his break broke.

Patricia Cerezo and Ramón García met on TVE when he was the host of “¿Qué apostamos?” and she is the hostess of the program. Besides Natalia, they have another daughter, VErónica, who is 14 years old.

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