This is how Rocío Flores's birthday party has been

This is how Rocío Flores’s birthday party has been

A surprise celebration attended by Gloria Camila

Rocío Flores attended last Friday the surprise party for her 25th birthday in Seville. The daughter of Rocio Carrasco and Antonio David Flores arrived at the venue nervous and very happy, since she did not know who was attending the celebration.

Upon arrival, the young woman told Europa Press that “I don’t know who there is, it’s a surprise.”

Rocío did not want to comment on whether or not her mother had congratulated her on such an important date. “It is not the day to talk about that,” she said and added that she was not quite well since “obviously I miss that person.” “I have come to have a good time that I have had enough for a year,” she added.

One of the first to arrive was Gloria Camila, with a large bouquet of flowers for her niece; too Jorge Perez and Barranco who claimed that Ro “doesn’t know I’m coming, it’s a surprise.”

At the end of the party Rocío Flores left very excited and explained that the wish she had made when lighting the candles “has to do with my family, with everyone in my family, I prefer to reserve it for myself, I like to stay out of it and I prefer to do it that way. You know how I am, I prefer to stay on the sidelines ”.

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