Carla Giraldo kept her promise to “get them all” the other contestants on the reality show MasterChef and won the final on November 1. Convinced of the possibility of obtaining the final prize, she had already promised her children what they would do with the money when they won the contest.

This was confessed to the morning program of the RCN channel ‘Good morning Colombia’, in which she spoke of the plans she had ready for the 200 million she obtained as an award, which will be aimed primarily at those who have always supported her on the other side of the screens: her family.

Giraldo reached the final with the comedians Frank Martínez and Liss Pereira and the actress Viña Machado. However, it managed to have the approval of the jurors in the three dishes that it presented in the last test, by uncritically surpassing the dessert above its competitors.

Already with the approximately 170 million that would remain after the discount for occasional profit, Giraldo delivered the plans that he had established before with the silver.

“I want to go with my children for a walk and I promised them that we would go to Disney and go to Disney, otherwise everything is happiness, everything is in the family,” she said.

She added that this happiness as a family can be summed up in multiple moments together that also involve the skill that she showed on the program: “So be it in sweets, in desserts. We’ll see if we spend it in the kitchen, I want to do my kitchen“. Carla pointed out to the channel’s entertainment program.

Carla Giraldo has been in a relationship with the businessman and DJ Mauricio Fonnegra for more than 7 years, during which time the family grew with the arrival of Adrián and Damián, their children, who enjoy having “the best father in the world” and “a great example”, as has been said in some of the publications that the Paisa celebrity has made about his partner.

During the ‘Good day Colombia’ program, the actress also made reference to the controversies she had during the contest, especially with Liss Pereira, who starred in hints and rudeness, which altered the tension in the kitchen.

“I got along well with everyone, only with some there was more closeness than with others. I didn’t get along, but there was no connection to Liss. I’m a cock sucker, I feel like just another comedian and, suddenly, I made inappropriate comments, but not with the intention of hurting,” she said.

However, she did respond to a comment made by the Santander comedian when she met Giraldo’s family during the final. Pereira assured that they looked like a “shampoo commercial family” because they all had “great hair”, long and silky hair.

“My children, the hairy ones, are for the shampoo commercial, that is what they told us there ‘the shampoo family’ and well yes,” commented the actress.

However, she pointed out that Liss Pereira approached and congratulated her for winning the program and that she considers that if they had not both been in the program they would not have managed to grow publicly as she believes they did.

Carla had already referred to the award before the country knew that it would be the winner, through social networks in response to her followers. Faced with those questions, “What will you do if you win?” “Would you share the award with the four babys?”

The actress was very clear and with a resounding “No”, she assured that she does not have to share the money if she wins, “I’m not going to share anything. I share my joys with them, but my prize does not. Here I go in alone, I go alone”, however, she assured that the money will not exceed the friendships she managed to find in the program and that these people are more important than the rest of the situations.

“An award is not worth more than a friend, so my friends will continue to be my friends because the more friends, the more clarity. The money, if I earn it, is mine “, she sentenced on that occasion. A statement that she reaffirmed now by revealing that she will invest everything in her family.

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