They reveal the cause of death of actor Manuel Ojeda

They reveal the cause of death of actor Manuel Ojeda

This August 11, the sad news of the death of the first actor, Manuel Ojeda, at the age of 81, was made public.

They reveal the cause of death of actor Manuel Ojeda
Manuel Ojeda

The interpreter, who had a long professional career on theatrical stages, on television and in the cinema, lost his life due to liver disease, as revealed by Gerardo Lucio, his representative.

“His liver was already very bad. That caused him to feel disgust, nausea and he could not eat despite the fact that I insisted on several occasions that he had to eat,” he told the press during the actor’s funeral.

“He ate very little, it was a mouthful, that’s why he left… he looked very haggard,” he added.

And he expressed that he was already undergoing medical treatment to treat this health problem. “He was always taking care of himself, even before starting Corazón Guerrero, he always had some check-ups. During the novel, he began to feel bad, and his good friend, Salvador Mejía (producer), helped him, protected him , he took care of it so that the scenes he had were few, “he assured.

The actor achieved fame in the 1970s for his participation in Calzonzín Inspector, La casa del sur, The Chosen One and Celestino. In 1977 he gained recognition from the public and colleagues by getting his first Ariel Award for his character in El apando.

But the role that earned him the respect and admiration of the general public as the villain of soap operas was the one that he played in the legendary The Flight of the Eagle, along with Humberto Zurita, Jacqueline Andere and Patricia Reyes Espíndola.

At the beginning of this 2022, he participated, along with the first actress Ana Martin, in the melodrama Corazón Guerrero, where he shared credits with the new wave of artists, such as Alejandra Espinoza, Karena Flores and Gonzalo García Vivanco.

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