Silvia Pinal’s eldest daughter, Sylvia Pasquel, shared new details about her mother’s state of health, and according to the actress, the 91-year-old interpreter Silvia Pinal has presented a good evolution and the Covid-19 picture has not worsened, so that there are ample possibilities that in the next few days she will leave the area of ​​infected patients and be transferred to intensive care to be cared for by a bacterium that was found in the urinary tract.

“(The doctor) told us that my mother is very well, that she is still asymptomatic,” said Sylvia Pasquel.

“That the night had a good time, that he has been eating very well. Her vital signs are perfect, her oxygenation is perfect, she has no symptoms of any kind, no fever or anything, she is asymptomatic,” added the actress.

“And if she maintained that picture of improvement, no pressure (for which she was taken to the hospital), to see if there was the possibility of transferring her to a room in intensive care, where she will also be confined. There is Silvia Pinal for a while”, she stressed.

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