The program ‘Socialité’ presented by María Patiño has given all the details about this news, starring an alleged thief who was a fan of ‘the biggest’

Maria Patiño has opened the ‘Socialité’ program this Saturday with the news of an alleged robbery that would have happened recently in the house that Rocío Jurado owned in Chipiona.

Pots on the floor, all messy and misplaced. It is the clear image of a house that seems totally abandoned by its current owners. The alleged assailant is in charge of filming the following images and then sending them to the María Patiño program.

This person would have taken a glass elephant, which has suffered damage due to the transfer, a planter and a striped mug.

Three objects and belongings that should remain inside one of the eighteen containers that Rocío Carrasco and the entire team from ‘La Fábrica de la Tele’ showed all of Spain just a few days ago in ‘El Último viaje de Rocío’.

The person who has taken these objects, who also has entered private property, has declared that the motive that would have led him to commit this alleged crime is none other than his fanaticism, devotion and admiration for ‘the greatest’.

A fact for which the Mohedano-Jurado clan could take serious legal measures in this regard for this person to return Rocío Jurado’s personal belongings.

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