Henry Cavill has recovered from Covid and is ready to return to the set of The Witcher 3 to take on the role of Geralt of Rivia for the third season of the Netflix series. As you will surely remember, at the end of July, the filming of the series stopped due to the Covid infection that someone from the close circle of the protagonists had contracted, forcing the production to stop for three days.

Obviously, as the production material costs several tens of thousands of dollars, so keeping the set completely still was a guess that it could not have been considered. After three days, therefore, the shooting continues, but the protagonist was missing. It is clear, therefore, how positive he was and that now, after two weeks of isolation, he can go back to doing his job as expected.

Henry Cavill recovers from Covid and returns to the set of The Witcher 3

Netflix has never released any official note stating that it was the witcher interpreter who contracted Covid but, given the circumstances, it is not difficult to imagine. In fact, according to the report by Redanian Intelligence, Henry Cavill resumed shooting his scenes two weeks later, unofficially confirming how he is the Covid case.

Of course, this stop will have brought great inconvenience to the entire production that has found itself without the leading actor for more than his weeks. The report, in fact, specifies how there is a high probability that there will be delays and that filming will not end within the set time frame. Forward, according to the newspaper, it is likely that too The Witcher 3 release date will be delayed although at the moment not everything is defined yet.

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