The watch that sowed hatred between Raquel Mosquera and Rocío Carrasco

The watch that sowed hatred between Raquel Mosquera and Rocío Carrasco

That summer of 1996 in Alosno (Huelva) there was a very special day. Got married his “favorite son”, the world boxing champion, Pedro Carrasco, with the hairdresser Rachel Mosquera. And the godmother of the link was the only daughter of the groom, Rocío Carrasco. Apparently, the two women maintained a cordial relationship, even marked by affection, but it was all fictitious. They were never friends, and Pedro’s death, last January twenty years ago, proved the evidence.

Last night, in the documentary “Rocío. Tell the truth to stay alive ”, Raquel came out very badly. His bridesmaid confessed that “for me, that person, lady, miss, does not exist. Only at the judicial level. Because everything he has said about me and my partner are lies that threaten my honor and my privacy. “

Rociito and his father’s second wife have not seen each other in the last two decades, coincided in the funeral home and burial of Carrasco, in the notary’s office when the will was opened and nothing else. Since then, communication between the two has been nil.

An embarrassing situation comes to mind in which the hairdresser accused Rocío of having despised her father’s trophies, only interested in the gold watch, a Rolex, which he always wore on his wrist, implying that his interest was purely financial. Some time later, the second claimed those trophies, perhaps to amend negative suspicions and wash his image deteriorated by the heartbroken widow.

Mosquera had a hard time rebuilding his love life. She did so three years later alongside Nigerian Tony Anipke, whom she married in 2005 and had a daughter a year later. But they separated in 2007. In 2014, he started a new relationship with Isi, a compatriot of the previous one, and they are the parents of a son.

On the sentimental level, life smiles at him, not so in what concerns his godmother. Rocío has made it very clear that she will never meet with Raquel to maintain that conversation that the hairdresser said one day on television that they have pending. There was neither a meeting nor there will be, confirmed Pedro’s daughter last night. It is like saying that the widow, for her, is dead while she is alive.

For her part, Raquel Mosquera, has made a statement on the way to her hairdresser, remember that “she has the Rolex, I never lie.”

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