In addition, now that he decided to undertake a professional career in show business, he recognized that he is subject to criticism, that is why he shared what he considers the most important advice that his mother gave him to face certain comments without affecting him .

“I think the most important (advice) he has given me is ‘never stop believing in yourself,'” the young actress revealed in an interview for People magazine in Spanish. “And it may sound very classic but it’s true, you can’t interpret or do what you like the most without believing in yourself. You can’t wait for people’s approval all the time since they applaud you and they tell you it’s okay”, continuous.

“You have to know that it is okay, you have to be the judge of yourself,” he mentioned about the reflections that his mother has shared with him.

But the support comes not only from the host of the Hoy program, but also from Mía, her older sister, and her father Erik Rubín, with whom she sits to watch her performance every night. “I see her in my parents’ bedroom,” he said, “the four of us see her there: my mom and dad in bed, me in an armchair next to them, and my sister for some reason likes to lie down on it. floor. There we already see the novel and we comment and laugh “.

Nina Rubín Legarrata shares with us if in the future she would like to be Today’s host.

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