The unpublished images of Rocío and David Flores that Rocío Carrasco will not like

The unpublished images of Rocío and David Flores that Rocío Carrasco will not like

A video of the grandchildren of ‘the greatest’ has been released in which they can be seen enjoying a very intimate and family moment

If Rocío Jurado had not died on that tragic June 1, 2006 as a result of the pancreatic cancer he suffered, yesterday he would have turned 77.

It is a very special date that a good part of his media family wanted to meet in Chipiona to pay tribute and remember her. His brothers Gloria and Amador Mohedano went there; his widower and his daughter, Orteca Gano and Gloria Camila; and two of his grandchildren, Rocío and David Flores.

One more time, Rocío Carrasco was the great absentee as a result of the conflicts that he still maintains with the clan.

In one of the videos that have been broadcast, Gloria Camila, Rocío and David Flores can be seen happily singing along with Gloria Mohedano, sitting in a chair and clapping to the beat of the music.

The recordings are one more proof that proves the excellent relationship that still exists in this part of the family, despite the rumors and gossip that announced an alleged estrangement as a result of the broadcast of Rocío Carrasco’s documentary series.

What seems clear is that the first-born of ‘the oldest’ will not like seeing these images very much. She herself has recognized on several occasions that it hurts her to see her children together with certain members of her family with whom she is estranged and that she considers a bad influence.

While, Rocío Carrasco continues to prepare her long-awaited return with the second season of the documentary series, which will hit the small screen next fall and promises to be even more controversial than the previous one.

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