Gloria Camila's blunt response to Carlota Corredera about her relationship with Rocío Flores

Gloria Camila’s blunt response to Carlota Corredera about her relationship with Rocío Flores

In recent weeks rumors sound that aunt and niece could be estranged

Rocío Carrasco’s documentary series and all the controversies that arose as a result of its broadcast continue to occupy the main headlines of the social chronicle press.

The latest information published indicates that Gloria Camila could have reflected a lot about the harsh testimony of gender violence that her older sister shared before millions of viewers and that she would have distanced herself from the environment of Antonio David Flores, what would have affected her relationship with Rocío Flores, as Carlota Corredera slipped in ‘Save me’.

Since then, rumors have been raging that the relationship between aunt and niece might not be as good as before.

Now, tired of being questioned about her good relationship, Gloria Camila has shared a beautiful photograph in front of more than 800,000 followers in which she happily poses with her niece Rocío Flores, thus demonstrating the good relationship they still have.

Why am I going to explain it to you, if you don’t want to understand it?“, she has written next to the stamp, in a clear response to Carlota Corredera and the rest of the people and voices who have questioned their link.

The truth is that it is not the first time that Gloria Camila or Rocío Flores have denied the rumors of estrangement between them, but their clarifications have not been enough to silence the gossip. Now that there graphic documents that prove this good relationship, it will be much more difficult to question it again.

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