The truth behind Maribel Guardia’s alleged pregnancy at 61

The truth behind Maribel Guardia’s alleged pregnancy at 61

Internet users pointed out that the actress's abdomen did not look flat, which started the rumors about the supposed sweet wait
Internet users pointed out that the actress's abdomen did not look flat, which started the rumors about the supposed sweet wait

Maribel Guardia has almost always sported a flat abdomen, but in 2020 the rumor arose that she was possibly pregnant , as she shared some images in which, according to Internet users, she showed a small baby bump . The actress remembered this time after the controversy resurfaced and gave her version of what happened.

In May of that year, Maribel Guardia published a photograph of her on her Instagram account, as she normally does, but her abdomen was covered with a blouse, from which the rumors arose, since she supposedly would have been seen inflamed. Netizens circulated the theory that the actress was pregnant .

A few months later that same rumor gained strength again when Guardia uploaded a photo with the same characteristics. Users questioned why the model would have decided to have a child at 61 years old .

This week the controversy resurfaced as some netizens recalled these events. However, in an interview with the Hoy program , the vedette had already denied being pregnant and she only joked about having children again.


“Look, I didn’t know, but they’re going to be triplets, I’m at the perfect age ,” he commented. To which she added that these types of rumors no longer bother her, because she is used to false news about her life appearing on social networks. “The people, the things they say, it would be a miracle. The networks are like that, they are a vacilón , you have to have fun, ”she said.

Maribel has only had one son, Julián Figueroa with Joan Sebastian in 1995. After her separation from the singer-songwriter, she remarried Marco Chacón in 2010 , with whom she tried to have more children, however, the Costa Rican lost the baby they were expecting.

A few days ago, Julián was also involved in rumors about an alleged relapse in his addiction to alcohol. However, it was also the presenter who denied that her son had problems again, since she mentioned that he is focusing on her studies.

“It’s not true, Julián is studying psychology. He is taking courses, because he is studying philosophy on the other hand… he takes classes, but thank God he has been very well, ”explained the actress in a meeting with the media.

He also mentioned that the relationship between Julián and his wife is stable, contrary to the alleged marital problems that the couple would be facing. As Guardia mentioned, they are having a very good time, something that has allowed her to maintain a solid friendship with her daughter-in-law.

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