The social networks of YosStop have continued in operation even though the influencer has been in prison for several months. Santa Martha Acatitla, because through her boyfriend, she sends some messages that she wants to be spread.

On this occasion, the youtuber wrote a letter for her father, Raúl Hoffman, on the occasion of his birth and took the opportunity to reflect on the time she has been deprived of her freedom.

Happy Birthday Dad! For me you will never stop having your birthday because the years that I continue to carry in my heart are added and also in my mind. I’ve been talking to you a lot lately although maybe if someone were to observe me they would think that I already lost my mind. HAHA. You don’t know how much good those talks, thoughts, memories and the simple fact that you feel here close to me have done me”, can be read on the young woman’s Instagram.

She also mentioned that she always has her father in mind and carries his memory with her at all times. YosStop stressed that she is rarely expressive, but in this time much of her person has changed.

The young woman's father died.

The young woman’s father died.

“Sometimes I visualize you as a golden glitter energy that protects me, I feel protected, I feel heard and I feel loved. You know? The other time I was wondering if at some point in my life I told you that I loved you and I think not, I think I always told you that I loved you very much and my eyes filled with tears, not because I regretted it because I am sure you knew that I loved you and you felt it, but because something in me did not allow it, I was not allowed to say “I LOVE YOU” to almost anyone”, she remarked.

Regarding this, she pointed out that a new stage of her life was now beginning and concluded her writing by stating how much she loved him.

“And now that has changed, I’ve gotten out of one more mental prison, I LOVE YOU DAD AND I MISS YOU, although much of you lives in me, you are no longer physically but here you are with me. I LOVE YOU and thank you for joining me on this hard road. Yoss”.

In addition to the text, Hoffman published a series of photographs where she appears smiling with her father and other family moments they lived through.

Netizens quickly reacted and were moved by the influencer’s words:

This girl has definitely evolved with this experience, Now I think of all the content of value that he will generate when he regains his freedom”, “My yoss, notice that saying I love you is difficult because we were not used to it, I learned at about 30 to say it, to the people that I really love are close, it is never too late to say so”, are some of the comments that can be seen.

The influencer shared a new message from jail.

The influencer shared a new message from jail.

Just a week ago, the couple of the youtuber, Gerardo González, shared a broad message about a recent visit to the prison.

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