The surprising revelation of Ana Rosa Quintana about her Will

The surprising revelation of Ana Rosa Quintana about her Will

The presenter has just joined her program after the summer holidays

Ana Rosa Quintana is back. The journalist has enjoyed a long summer vacation in which she has been able to rest and disconnect to return stronger than ever ahead of this new season.

In fact, the presenter has surprised with a return in height, literally, and it is that has connected directly from the top of a windmill, more than 50 meters above the ground! Once on set, she has taken up social and political news, along with the last hour of the heart press.

It was in this section when she and the team of collaborators have addressed the hackneyed matter of Rocío Jurado’s will and the information that indicates that Gloria Camila and José Fernando would be about to request a review of her mother’s last will.

At this point, Ana Rosa Quintana wanted to send a question to her fellow socialists: “Do you have a will?”. A vast majority has answered “yes”, a statement to which the presenter has added: “I also”.

A curious Ana Rosa Quintana has wanted to continue investigating the last wishes of her companions and has returned to question them with a question: “And have you ever changed it?”. Again, several collaborators have answered “yes”, and once again the presenter has agreed with them: “And I also”.

Ana Rosa Quintana has thus revealed that, on at least one occasion, she has been forced to modify her last will, a document that apparently she has already prepared for a long time.

The truth is that she is one of the most famous television presenters and with a long professional career, an undeniable success that has led her to reap a great fortune estimated at several million dollars.

Taking into account her high heritage, it is not surprising that the journalist wanted to leave everything tied and well tied for when she is no longer there.

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