Emma García bursts into tears over the disorder of a girl to whom she is very close

Emma García bursts into tears over the disorder of a girl to whom she is very close

The presenter of ‘Viva la vida’ could not contain the emotion and fell apart in full direct

After enjoying more than a month of summer vacation with her family, Emma García has returned to take the witness of Toñi Moreno and she has returned to her job as presenter of ‘Viva la vida’.

The one from Guipúzcoa has arrived with the loaded pillars ready to offer the last hour on the most relevant matters of the heart and society, a section to which it dedicates the last hour of the program.

Yesterday focused on OCD, an obsessive compulsive disorder that can significantly affect the daily life of the person who suffers it.

The presenter could not contain her tears and burst into tears without consolation. The journalist kept thinking about her parents, the ones who are dealing with this difficult situation the worst because they can’t find a way to help their daughter.

This is the first time that Emma García has been so vulnerable to viewers, as she always tries to maintain her composure in full live.

Aware that she had burst into tears in front of millions of spectators, Emma García wanted to apologize when she managed to recover: “I am sorry gentlemen for the slump that has given me this afternoon”.

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