The strange night visit of Marta Riesco and her mother to the López Ibor clinic

The strange night visit of Marta Riesco and her mother to the López Ibor clinic

The strange visit of Marta Riesco and her mother to the famous clinic specialized in mental health took place at ten o’clock last night, minutes after participating as a collaborator in “It’s already 8”, the program that presents Sonsoles Ónega in Telecinco.

According to the magazine Semana, the collaborator and her mother entered around ten at night in the prestigious clinic founded by Dr. López Ibor and, ten minutes later, they left it without answering the questions of the reporters who were waiting for her there.

However, despite the fact that they could have avoided being photographed by accessing the premises by car, mother and daughter did it on foot, facilitating the work of informants. Why have they been seen together entering the López Ibor?

Marta is psychologically overwhelmed by the situation she lives with Antonio David Flores

All this happened after some especially hard days for Marta Riesco, both on a personal and professional level. On the one hand, she has experienced her first big fight with her boyfriend upon learning from Marisa Martín Blázquez, her partner on “El programa de Ana Rosa”, that Olga and Antonio David Flores will not sign the divorce for the time being.

And on the other, she has been the subject of a serious attack on her privacy by revealing Anabel Pantoja the alleged New Year’s Eve of passion of the collaborator and a friend at the Cantora estate that has motivated her to take legal action against Isabel Pantoja’s niece.

The news was announced in Save me, a program in which went live to face Anabel, which has caused her problems with the production company she works for, in which she refuses to talk about her personal life.

As if that were not enough, this Wednesday, after covering “the interruption” of the marital relationship between Iñaki Urdangarín and the Infanta Cristina, her return as a collaborator to “It’s already eight o’clock” has not been without controversy.

The talk show host, who refuses to talk about her private life in the programs of the producer of Ana Rosa Quintana, she gave a new exclusive to Save me that has caused a clash with her mother.

Marta Riesco’s mother recognizes Kiko Hernández that she does not like Antonio David

Kiko Hernandez assaulted her through the corridors of Telecinco while the reporter went to the medical service to take an antigen test. It was then that he asked her relationship with Malaga, after Diego Arrabal made public that they had broken up.

Although she has refused to make any statements on this matter, the unexpected call from her mother has led Kiko Hernández to extract some very juicy statements from her.

Thus, as soon as Marta Riesco picked up the phone, Kiko Hernández asked her without hesitation if “Antonio David Flores likes his son-in-law”. To which she, without thinking twice, has answered a resounding: “No”.

Kiko Hernandez and Marta Riesco
Kiko Hernandez and Marta Riesco

After the words of Marta’s mother, the journalist sat down on her program and, inexplicably, refused to pronounce on the controversies she is leading, remaining on set in silence and only commenting on other topics such as the controversy of Urdangarin and the Infanta, in which comparisons with her personal situation are inevitable.

It was at the end of the broadcast of the program when she and her mother went together to the famous center specializing in psychiatry and psychology. In fact, the journalist went with the same clothes with which she was on the set of the Telecinco program.

Thus, the only possible explanation for this unexpected nocturnal visit to López Ibor is to make an appointment, something that can be done by phone or urgently, if you do not know that they no longer attend to you at that time.

“I have gone once with an anxiety crisis at night and they have not attended me, they refer you to another place,” confirms a patient of the aforementioned center.

According to this testimony, at that time, ten o’clock at night, it is not possible to receive emergency care, nor do consultations, nor can visits be made since, from nine o’clock at night, the patients are already sleeping in their room.

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