The slip of Carlota Corredera that Rocío Carrasco might not like

The slip of Carlota Corredera that Rocío Carrasco might not like

The presenter has dropped who could be the next Telecinco signing

Since the premiere of Rocío Carrasco’s documentary series, Carlota Sliding has been proclaimed staunch defender of the universal heiress of ‘the greatest’.

The presenter of ‘Sálvame’ fully trusts her testimony about the alleged mistreatment that Antonio David Flores exerted on her, and has been most critical with all those who question any part of her story, whom she calls “deniers”.

The one from Vigo has established a very strong bond with the first-born of the Jury and it does not give fuel to any voice that dares to question a single of his words, but it seems that everything is about to change.

Just like Carlota Sliding dropped in ‘Save me’, it is very possible that Amador Mohedano is one of the contestants of ‘Secret Story’, the next reality show that Telecinco is already preparing.

Amador says that he does not want to know anything about this chain, but as far as I know he will have a lot of relationship with Mediaset.” Said the presenter after a phone call from Rocío Jurado’s brother. Rosa Benito’s ex is one of the most critical of her niece Rocío Carrasco, denying some parts of her testimony in ‘Rocío, tell the truth to stay alive’.

If he finally participates in ‘Secret Story’, Amador Mohedano will have carte blanche to pronounce on Rocío Carrasco 24 hours a day, and most likely he will not dedicate very good words. How will the universal heiress of the Jury feel that the chain she relied on to strip emotionally now gives a voice to one of the men who has questioned her the most?

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