Covered by the team from La Fábrica de la Tele, Rocio Carrasco has arrived at her mother’s hometown to start filming “In the name of Rocío”, the second part of the successful Telecinco docuseries that, predictably, will hit the grid at the end of autumn.

But, in Chipiona, the beautiful coastal town where she spent her childhood and part of her youth, the daughter of “The biggest” will face, not only her memories, but also the defenders of the Mohedano, her most famous uncles and neighbors.

Although Amador Mohedano is the only one of Rocío Jurado’s brothers who continues to live in Chipiona, he does so on the farm that Rocío left him and his sister Gloria, both continue to have support among their neighbors and, above all, among the fans of “La más grande”, who argue that they are the only ones who have defended the memory and memory of the sublime singer.

They do not forget that, since the death of Rocío Jurado in 2006, her daughter has turned her back on them in every tribute act that has been held in the town to honor her memory.

For that reason, owing to the multiple rudeness of their universal heir, many chipioneros remain in favor of those who have never failed them: Ortega Cano, Gloria Camila and the Mohedano Jurado brothers.

Other living forces of the people not benevolent with the daughter of Pedro Carrascor they are the members of the Rocío Jurado Cultural Association, currently chaired by Gloria Camila Cano Mohedano, her sister.

The daughter of Ortega Cano and the singer has not hesitated to bring her sister to trial to preserve the image of her mother, presenting a demand for preliminary measures. Although, according to Paloma García-Pelayo in LOOK, the judicial appointment, scheduled for this Friday, has been suspended.

“The head of Court number 5 of Alcobendas-reports García-Pelayo-issued an order on September 30 in which it urged the practice of preliminary proceedings requested in the lawsuit filed by Gloria Camila Ortega against his sister Rocío Carrasco. The youngest daughter of Rocío Jurado and José Ortega Cano judicially claims her older sister that hand over your mother’s writings, whose existence became known to the media on the eve of the recording of the docu series In the name of Rocío. The court summoned her this Friday along with representatives of the television production company and the network to deliver the aforementioned writings. The opposition of Carrasco’s defense has caused the suspension of the act”.


Those who are in favor of Rocío Carrasco: the mayor, his non-mediated family and a large part of the town.

In the town, Rocío Carrasco maintains a good relationship with the mayor Luis Mario Aparcero, with whom he has negotiated the agreement that will allow, finally, the public Rocío Jurado Museum, and a staunch defender of the new Telecinco star.

She is facilitating everything necessary in his fiefdom so that the filming of the second part of the program is a success. Currently, the remodeling works of the museum, to make the bar-restaurant area, the bathrooms and the cultural space independent, have already been completed.

In Chipiona everyone sighs because it can open before next summer.


Rocíito has more support in the town. The feeling of the street continues to be impacted by the harsh story of Rocío Carrasco on Telecinco, where she claimed to have been mistreated by Antonio David Flores.

In addition, the first-born of the Jury maintains a good relationship with part of her maternal family, whom she calls “the non-media.” For that reason, yesterday she was seen at the home of her uncle Manolín, brother of Rocío Jurado’s mother and therefore her great-uncle.

She is the youngest of his grandmother Rosario’s children and the only one still alive. With the and with the daughters of his uncle Antonio, who starred in emotional moments in the first part of the docuseries, keep in touch.

Rocío, without Fidel Albiac, arrived in Chipiona after the Hispanidad bridge.

The filming team of “En el nombre de Rocío” has been in Chipiona for three days. Everything is kept in secret but, in the village, everyone knows that the Rocío Jurado museum has become the new headquarters of the production company.

The breadth of the controversial cultural space, which remains closed, makes it a set ideal. With the permission of the mayor it has been improvised inside, a set bathed in light and with a white background, and a perfect place to do make up and comb the protagonists of some chapters of the program.

Thus, they confirm that they have made up there several residents of Chipiona who were related to Rocío Jurado and who have recorded a spot for the docu series.

Rocío Carrasco has a legion of cameras behind, not all of the production company, also of press agencies who follow in her footsteps. According to eyewitnesses to the filming, Fidel Albiac has not accompanied her to Chipiona on this occasion.

The possibility that Rocíito may meet some of her media relatives, such as Amador and Gloria, or some of her detractors, giving rise to some awkward moment, it is not ruled out. In any case, it does not worry either. The show must go on.

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