The Christmas festivities have come to an end in Spain with the traditional Three Kings Day, in which millions of children in the country get up full of illusion to discover all the gifts that their majesties of the East have left them under the tree.

In a day also of reunions, in which families come together to taste the traditional roscón. The Fields have not been less and they have finally reunited after a difficult time in which the distance was imposed between them.

Carmen Borrego, Alejandra Rubio and Terelu Campos buried the hatchet, but the truth is that there was still another very important person for them.

With the spike in infections, all precautions are few, especially when it comes to protect María Teresa Campos, a woman who turned 80 just a few months ago.

She has not been able to come. In these times, with the covid, you already know how things are,” Carmen Borrego explained when leaving Terelu Campos’s house.

Of course, the collaborator of ‘Save me’ explained that her friend has not been infected, but “has had close contact with someone who has.”

It is not the first time that the coronavirus, and more specifically, the omicron variant, spoils Christmas to the Fields. When they had not yet resolved their conflicts, Carmen Borrego and Terelu Campos had planned to meet on Christmas Eve to have a first contact and soften the atmosphere.

However, a close contact of the collaborator of ‘Save me’ prevented her from having dinner with her sister, her niece and her mother on Christmas Eve. Instead, she spent that important date with her husband José Carlos and their children, asylees until they could confirm that they had not been infected.

Although Rocío Carrasco was unable to be present on Reyes de las Campos Day, Carmen Borrego assured that have been in contact with her through phone calls.

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