The reason for the break between Alba Carrillo and Santi Burgoa is not Canales Rivera but ...

The reason for the break between Alba Carrillo and Santi Burgoa is not Canales Rivera but …

After being caught kissing with Paquirri’s nephew, the ex of Fonsi Nieto and Feliciano López wanted to get out of the information that linked her break with Santi Burgoa to an alleged infidelity of the model with a chain partner.

Alba has denied these rumors and has confessed the reasons why she broke her relationship of more than two years with the presenter of Telemadrid: “I wanted to be a mother again and he didn’t.”

Her confession was rushing when Marta López recalled that, after her separation from Burgoa, was related to a co-worker and asked Alba in “Ya es Mediodia” if that “third person” is Canales.

“It has nothing to do with Santi. I broke up because I want to be a mother again and he did not want to be a father.”

Surprised by this statement, Sonsoles Ónega did not hesitate to ask her: “And Canales wants?”. Canales is already a father, leave me out of trouble -the tertullian replied, nervously-. I want to be a mother again. Canales has nothing to do with it”.

Lucía Pariente’s indiscretion at the polideluxe brought out her daughter’s infidelity

It was in a ‘polideluxe’, where Lucia Pariente, the model’s mother, confirmed that the relationship had ended because of Alba’s infidelity. It was María Patiño who assured in ‘Socialité’ the place where Alba and her “lover” had been seen in a loving attitude within the Mediaset facilities:

“She is a Mediaset colleague and is very famous, in this room is where they saw each other, some people saw them kiss here.”

The presenter gave some clues as to who was the man with whom she was related but did not want to give his name: “I know him, I admire him and he seems to me the most handsome in this house, a tremendously attractive man”.

The collaborator of “Ya es Mediodia” confirmed the break with Santi Burgoa and denied having been unfaithful:

“There are no third parties, there is no infidelity of any kind”. Sick of speculation the gathering announced on her social networks that she would take legal measures: “All disrespect based on lies will be reported and I will take the appropriate legal action to protect myself ”.

Her mother’s statements to Conchita and the information from the program presented by María Patiño about her disloyalty had serious consequences for Alba, who refused to participate in the Deluxe. After a run-in with Jorge Javier Vázquez, he ended his collaboration with the programs of La Fábrica de la Tele.

Neither of the two, neither the model nor the journalist, revealed the reasons why they had decided to end to their relationship and, despite the breakup, they have continued to see each other with some frequency.

Alba wants to give Lucas a baby brother and is willing to be a solo mother.

But although now the model assures that that was the reason for the break, the truth is that while she was dating Burgoa she accepted that he did not consider paternity.

“I want to have more children but I don’t know if it will be alone or with someone. I’ll tell you. Mine with Santi is going great, but I want to say that motherhood is something that I just want to have alone,” she assured in January 2012.

“Why a single mother and not with Santi?” – Asked the presenter of “Fresh”. “Better alone because then they leave and you have to share,” said Alba, remembering the problems she has had after being a mother with Fonsi Nieto.

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