Julia Janeiro, the most mediatic of the daughters of Jesulín de Ubrique and Maria Jose Campanario, has made a drastic decision on her social networks. Shortly after announcing her breakup and discovering her new relationship with Tommy Rossi, she has decided not to expose herself more to social networks, so she has disabled comments on her Instagram social network.

She doesn’t want any more criticism or negative comments. From now on, no one can comment on her photos, just give her a “like” or send her a private message, making it impossible for her or the rest to receive feedbkack on her publications.

She has closed her social networks and will keep it that way until further notice, just like her boy.

The 18-year-old has achieved in just a few months that more than 226,000 people follow her. In fact, she has included a contact email with which you may seek collaborations. As confirmed by Semana, she could charge 500 euros for each post she publishes, although this figure could vary.

Also her boyfriend, Tommy Rossi, has opted for disabling his followers from commenting on his posts. Both Julia and Tommy know that they are all eyes and prefer to spend some time to reopen their networks.

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