The moving message of Ana Araujo, wife of Pablo Lyle

The moving message of Ana Araujo, wife of Pablo Lyle, days after learning the sentence of the Mexican actor

The moving message of Ana Araujo, wife of Pablo Lyle, days after learning the sentence of the Mexican actor, which has been postponed

Mexican actor Pablo Lyle is days away from finding out how long he will have to spend in jail after being found guilty of the death of a 63-year-old man. Lyle is awaiting sentencing and a month after being arrested, his wife Ana Araujo reappeared on social networks.

A few days after Pablo Lyle receives his sentence, which will be on November 14, Ana Araujo reappeared on her social networks after a month of absence. It is unknown if she has visited his partner in prison since he was arrested, because after hearing the verdict, she hugged him and said goodbye with a kiss from the actor.

It was through her Instagram that she was her influencer and, until now, Pablo Lyle’s wife shared an image and a very encouraging message. The young woman published the photo of the interior of her house accompanied by a phrase.

Although it does not seem to be a message for Pablo Lyle, Ana Araujo practices spirituality as a way to deal with the separation of her husband from her because he will spend a few years in prison.

Her Instagram account has also been updated in the previous months with trips to the beach and next to his children, trying to lead a normal life despite the difficult time, since the actor was under house arrest.

Who is Ana Araújo?

The couple married in 2014, since then they seemed to have a happy marriage with their two children Aranza and Mauro. She is a 34-year-old influencer, has her own podcast and is dedicated to the business field.

However, since she exploited the case against her husband, it was rumored that she had broken up with him after she herself referred to Pablo Lyle as “ex-husband”.

She was also related to former soccer player Marc Crosas, but the relationship was denied. And, although Pablo Lyle’s incident could affect her marriage, she accompanied him during the trial to testify in her favor, since then she was off social networks until today to launch an encouraging message.

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