The most unknown past of Bertín Osborne with Emma García that has left everyone speechless

The most unknown past of Bertín Osborne with Emma García that has left everyone speechless

The presenter and the artist have experienced a little disagreement, but their tense relationship has its origins long ago

Bertin Osborne has been the guest of the program ‘Viva la Vida’ in the afternoon of this Sunday. The artist, who has come to present his new song, has talked about how he is after his recent divorce with Fabiola Martinez, of his children, and also of his past with the presenter, Emma Garcia.

Minutes prior to interviewing him, Emma and Bertín have lived a tense moment with Halloween as the motif. Both the Basque and the collaborators dressed up to celebrate this terrifying date, and this is something that the artist does not seem to understand or share.

His response so proposing that he also dress up has not gone unnoticed on social networks: “Don’t screw me, what This is an American that we have adopted 10 years ago and It looks like a ghost of balls to me.” Said the artist, leaving those present on the set speechless.

“Neither balls nor milk, do not come complaining to the program.” Emma answered bluntly.

Despite these differences, it seems that both are starting from scratch after a common past unknown to the general public. García confessed to viewers how his beginnings with the veteran artist were:

The worst interview of my life was with him and then we were already filing rough edges. We are both very little hypocrites and then neither of us has concealed anything. When we didn’t like each other we didn’t like each other, and now it’s a delight.”

Dump in the promotion of his forty years of musical career and in the care of his children, especially the little one Kike, Bertín Osborne has rebuilt his life in the field, where he enjoys the necessary tranquility after one of his most complicated moments.

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