The Mexican is focused on her role as a mother and in promoting her new single

On the occasion of the publication of her new single, the singer Paulina Rubio has given an interview in which she opens up about her personal life and the break with Nicolas Vallejo-Nágera, father of her first child, Andrea Nicolas.

The legal battle for the custody of the minor began nine years ago, but finally the businesswoman has decided not to proceed with the legal proceedings. “I think it was something inevitable, I preferred not to be with him to have something so toxic, especially because I felt it was not necessary”, the Mexican confessed.

Paulina recognizes that love is very “trusting” and that her mother told her “you have to do things more organized”. Even so, she recognizes that the break with her first husband was an apprenticeship for her next relationship, although this did not end well either.

“Hey yes, one learns, but for love one does things that one would never do normally”, the singer justified herself.

The interpreter of “Not a single word” is ready again to “fall in love” although she confesses that she is not in a hurry since she is focused on her artistic career and her role as a mother.

“I am so good in my skin right now. To begin with, my children, they are passion and adventure, they need a lot from me, I don’t want to be distracted”, she concluded.

In her day to day, the singer assures that she tries to go “I go to school for them, I wake up early and take them, I pass by them and we go to karate, I take them to make a tent or picnics, I enjoy it so much that I would not change it for anything” and has reflected on the difficulties of reconciling work and personal life.

“I couldn’t do it without a family, without my mother and without the family bosom that she gave me. Yes, we are working moms, yes, we have to work and leave the children with my mother or with the grandfather or with the father. But my children understand very well the value of having their mother and their grandmother”.

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