Zaira Nara, China Suárez and Paula Chaves

The harsh message of Paula Chaves to China Suárez, after being singled out as the third in contention between Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi

Pedro Alfonso’s wife and the actress were friends with Zaira Nara. After learning of the break between the footballer and his wife, the host of Bake Off took sides

After Mauro Icardi and Wanda Nara let it be known that they are separated, all eyes turned to Eugenia la China Suárez , who ended her relationship with Benjamín Vicuña a little over two months ago and is in Spain filming a movie. The former Almost Angeles would be the alleged third in discord between the footballer and the mother of his children and in recent days, her friends would have let go of her hand.

It turns out that Eugenia is a good friend of Paula Chaves and María del Cerro, a group to which Zaira Nara also belongs, who after talking with her sister, sided with her of course and who would have followed the rest, according to Yanina Latorre in Los Angeles. in the morning.

According to the panelists, “Wanda and Mauro Icardi separated because of the messages she found” and explained: ” She left it based on the Telegram messages (with Suárez), I have them that is why I create the story, to see if China continues denying, he says ‘let them fix it’ Crazy, take charge of what you did, repeat the story, there is a bond, she is a friend of Zaira, María del Cerro and Paula Chaves, her friends are super angry “.

“I’m in crisis and they left me alone,” the actress would have written in the Instagram stories that only those people who she has within the group of “best friends” can see. “Now she stayed with few friends, she denies everything to these family friends and tells other types of friends the truth.”

In addition, he unveiled the strong message that Paula Chaves would have sent him: “He told him ‘you are a sucker’, I have the chats and I read everything, ‘you are rubbish’ he tells him . ” In this way, the friends, who are believed to have found out everything that had happened through Zaira, opened up about Eugenia and took Wanda’s side.

Paula and Eugenia have been friends for years and also, since they were mothers, they were even more united, since their children have similar ages and every time the little ones get together they take the opportunity to play with each other. ” I love that they grow up together,” Eugenia wrote a few months ago along with a photo of Amancio and Filipa and Pedro Alfonso’s wife added: “Since 2013 forming pairs.”

“Someday we have to get out of the fuck you and me. In some part of the world where they don’t know you, hahaha ” , wrote China in one of the messages that Wanda discovered and that Yanina Latorre shared in LAM. “So that?” , Icardi replied to said conversation.

On the other hand, Diego Latorre’s wife said that it all started when Mauro Icardi told Wanda Nara that she was “weird” and asked for her phone number and inspected her conversations and even private messages on social networks. Then, the model did the same and when she took her husband’s cell phone and discovered the exchange with China Suárez, whom she had scheduled as CS , by her initials.

Indifferent to the situation, Benjamin Vicuña’s ex appeared on social networks after Mauro and Wanda implied that they were separated, showing themselves as if nothing had happened. From Spain, where she is filming a movie accompanied by her mother, her daughter Rufina as a result of her relationship with Nicolás Cabré and Magonolia and Amancio, the former Casi Ángeles made several posts that show how well she is having a time combining work with pleasure and showing that what is said about her affects her little.

Thus, she used her stories to greet her mother who unconditionally helps her take care of her “chicks” as she affectionately calls her children, while she works and published a photo of the two of them with the three little ones walking through the streets of Madrid. Later, he played with a restaurant sign that read “Chinese tapas” and shared more pictures of them strolling through the Mercado de San Miguel.

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