“I can not wait to marry the love of my life and start a new story together. I love you!”, Alex Fernández Jr. wrote in the description of the video that he starred in with his now wife, Alexia Fernández.

This couple was married in civil last may 14 and in the course of Saturday 15, the photographer Ben Olivares uploaded to his Instagram stories some Photographs from wedding of this couple.

The ceremony was held in Guadalajara, Jalisco, the photographer of this important event for the Fernandez dynasty let see part of the guests, among whom were, of course, Alejandro Fernandez and America Guinart, parents of the young newlywed.

View of the bride and groom about to become spouses and their guests (Photo: screenshot Instagram / @ benolivares)

View of the bride and groom about to become spouses and their guests.

According to a video uploaded by an Internet user who identifies as chicapicosa2, the first dance of the couple was the song I will love you, a song composed by Alex Fernández, also they opened the dance floor with Live my life from Marc Anthony.

According to what the photographer shared through his stories, there were around 50 people on site, well the son of ‘Foal’ reserves many details of his personal life, especially that related to his now wife.

The place where they celebrated their union as a marriage appears to be a minimalist house with a wooden platform and even a swimming pool. For his part, Alex Fernandez has not uploaded photos or updates regarding his new union.

Probably the site of the party (Photo: screenshot Instagram / @ benolivares)

Probably the site of the party.

The newlyweds Alex and Alexia started their relationship in December 2010 Although they waited to make it public until 2015, this happened because the lover of the son of ‘Foaly’ accompanied Camila Fernandez, his sister-in-law, at the launch of one of his songs.

After having had a solid relationship for a decade, Alejandro Fernandez Jr. and his fiancee Alexia Hernandez They got married in a private ceremony.

In one of the stories of the photographer hired by the couple, it was possible to see the precise moment As the wedding occurred, the pair of lovers were listening to the judge while their guests remained standing. The event took place outdoors in a garden.

The precise moment of the wedding (Photo: screenshot Instagram / @ benolivares)

The precise moment of the wedding.

The son of Alejandro Fernández announced last September that he compromised with his girlfriend Alexia after almost a decade of being together and although his personal life is reserved, the program Windowing gave the exclusive of what this friday the singer finally got married.

“I want to share with you that today I lived one of the most happy and important by joining my life with my partner for more than 10 years and my best friend, Alexia, in a civil ceremony that took place in our beloved city of Guadalajara, Jalisco ”, the singer shared through his Instagram account last Friday, May 14.

Alex Fernández carrying his niece in the company of his now wife, Alexia (Photo: @ alexfernandez.g / Instagram)

Alex Fernández carrying his niece in the company of his now wife, Alexia.

The sister of the “Heir”, Camila, she also recently married Francisco Barba a month after Alejandro’s engagement was announced. She showed her daughter’s face for the first time at the end of March, the baby is called Cayetana.

In the photos that Alex shared through his social networks, he made it known that he too would like to be a father soon because it makes him very happy to take care of his niece.

Junior said he was very excited to finally marry the woman he calls “the love of my life”, he even dedicated a song to her titled Ask me, which was released last year and the music video stars him and his girlfriend.

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