Rocío Carrasco returned yesterday to the set of Telecinco to charge hard against part of her media family, although it was Ortega Cano who came out worse off.

The daughter of the Jury published in ‘The papers of La Rota’ the statements that the right-hander gave before the ecclesiastical court that granted the annulment of the marriage to the universal heiress of the greatest and Antonio David Flores, in which she did not speak well of Malaga.

In this way they are placed on the table the inconsistencies in which the right-hander has fallen in recent years, since he has recently positioned himself next to the former civil guard, to the point that he invited her to his wedding with Ana María Aldón.

The words of Rocío Carrasco against her uncles and Ortega Cano have provoked a barrage of reactions, including those of Michu, José Fernando’s girlfriend.

The young woman has gotten to know the bullfighter, Gloria Camila, and part of her family up close, and she positions herself next to her sister-in-law after hearing her story.

Thanks to her I have confirmed and understood many things”, the right-hander’s daughter-in-law pointed out in the stories section of her Instagram account, thus agreeing with the universal heiress of ‘the greatest’.

Michu insists and clarifies that the words of Rocío Carrasco have been used for understand their “experiences with certain people,” thus casting doubt on the behavior that certain members of the family would have shown towards her.

The truth is not the first time that Michu has attacked José Fernando’s family, the father of her daughter María del Rocío.

On her day, she accused Gloria Camila of having disregarded her niece, and assured that Ortega Cano was the only one who had cared for the little girl’s well-being, secretly sending her money from his daughter and Ana María Aldón.

As a result of these statements and subsequent attacks, Rocío Carrasco’s sister-in-law has become an ungrateful person within the clan, and few speak kind words to him.

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