After the latest events in Windsor, since the hospitalization of Queen Elizabeth II, the cancellation of her official agenda due to medical recommendation, alarms went off and all the spotlights were on the monarch’s worrying state of health.

But while the statements by Palacio are minimal and surround her in an aura of mystery and secrecy, the protagonist herself reappeared yesterday and did so, looking very good and at the wheel of her green Jaguar that she uses to transport her corgis for her morning walk around the Berkshire estate.

Some images that restore tranquility and hope to the British after their assistants announced on Friday that they would take fifteen days off from their duties for medical advice.

The truth is that Elizabeth II is not alone, she has by her side eleven ladies of company who take care of her and watch over her health and well-being at all times. Although in a discreet background, these eleven women occupy a very important place in the heart of the veteran monarch, more than escort ladies they could be described as friends and confidants.

And it is that it only takes a gesture or a look from the sovereign so that the bridesmaids understand each of the sovereign’s wishes.

These eleven women have different job titles from other members of the royal family and are named according to their rank: Those who attend the Queen are Ladies of the Chamber and the highest rank is held by the Ladies of the Cloakroom, who usually used to be a duchess.

The Queen’s bridesmaids are not all noble by birth, but they often come from good families. According to Point de Vue, they should share common interests with the queen and be her protectors, but Elizabeth II herself is in charge of choosing them personally. Although their work is unpaid, they are provided with accommodation, clothing and travel allowances.

Ann Fortune Fitzroy, Dowager Duchess of Grafton, is the name that resonates the most among these eleven ladies, but as this publication reveals, this long list also includes Virginia Ogilvy, Diana Maxwell, Duchess of Farnham; Lady Susan Hussey, Susan Rhodes, Lady Elizabeth Leeming, Mary Anne Morrison, Richenda Elton, Annabel Whitehead, Mrs. Michael Gordon Lennox and Philippa de Pass.

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