On April 30, 2022, country music performer Naomi Judd was reported to have passed away at the age of 76. On that occasion, her daughters Ashley and Wynonna referred to the sad news and asked to preserve the privacy of the family. And a few months after what happened, the report came out that gives an account of the cause of her death.

According to the autopsy report, the results showed that Judd died from self-inflicted gunshot wounds. The incident happened at her home, located in Tennessee. It was also reported that the singer’s body contained traces of medication to treat post-traumatic stress and bipolar disorders. In addition, a note containing “suicidal connotations” was found near her body.

The Judd family shared a statement, where they made reference to this new information. In the text, they stated: “We always openly share both the reasons for joy and sadness. A big part of our story is that our matriarch was beset by a cruel enemy. The toxicology reports and the autopsy revealed what we expected. She was being treated for bipolar disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder, something millions of Americans can relate to. We continue to be shaken after this impact. We already appreciate her respectful privacy, in mourning for her widower and her daughters”.

The artist’s death happened a day before she and her daughter Wynonna, with whom she was part of the group The Judds, entered the Country Music Hall of Fame. The singers achieved 14 “number one” songs throughout a career that spanned nearly three decades. After rising to the top of country music, Naomi retired in 1991 after being diagnosed with hepatitis. Wynonna, for her part, continued her career as a solo artist.

When Naomi’s death became known, her daughters stated through a statement: “Today we live a tragedy as sisters. We have lost our beautiful mother to mental illness. We are broken. We navigate deep pain and know that just as we loved her, she was loved by her public.” That text was also signed by her widower, fellow singer Larry Strickland.

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