The dear friend of Antonio David Flores wanted to succeed as a singer in Eurovision

The dear friend of Antonio David Flores wanted to succeed as a singer in Eurovision

This is her most unknown facet

The most unknown facet of Marta I can, the reporter of the Ana Rosa Quintana program, whom she is romantically related to Antonio David Flores, brings us closer to the world of music, in which she tried to succeed without succeeding, when in 2011 she entered the contest to represent Spain at the Eurovision Song Contest, leading the female group I-Legal, which did not pass the first round. There her short-lived singing career was cut short and her career as a television reporter began.

She was also unlucky in opting for the title of Miss Ugly in the contest sponsored by the program “Here there is tomato”, in which she was the first lady of honor.

Now she is the protagonist of a close-up of the present day by relating it to the still husband of Olga Moreno, to whom it seems that he has a very special friendship.

But she does not release a garment and is limited to answering with “I have nothing to say”, when asked if it is true that she maintains a romantic relationship with Antonio David. They say that whoever is silent grants, but in this case, from what is seen, the former Civil Guard and the journalist have agreed to silence in response.

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