Alvaro Morales is always a difficult opponent to beat in an argument. The Wizard is never afraid to raise his voice and express his views, no matter how difficult they may be for others to digest.

However, there was a day when Morales ran out of arguments and he had to give in to the firmness of the comments he received. Rarely has one of the sharpest commentators on Mexican sports television been nervous on camera.

The fight started from a discussion about the Barcelona and Lionel Messi in the program Shut up and listen, in 2019. Álvaro, true to his custom, questioned the level of the rivals  had scored goals for him.

Morales argued that Leo could only mark teams with defensive deficiencies, such as Borussia Dortmund. For her part, Carolina Padrón established that the goals of the club and Messi were no less valid.

After several minutes of exchanging arguments, Padrón shot directly at Álvaro Morales with a comment that surprised locals and strangers. The Venezuelan journalist almost never resorts to direct attack, but that day, at Morales’ insistence, she opted to hit him directly.

“Winning is always a merit. You haven’t even played marbles,” Padrón told Morales.

Álvaro Morales has a very frontal communication style.

Álvaro Morales has a very frontal communication style.

Morales reacted in surprise and told Padrón that there was no reason to disqualify him. Then, in a more friendly tone, he told her that he saw her very upset. “This looks like a chicken coop and I am an elegant people,” the journalist mentioned before Morales’ defense attempt, who insisted that his criticism was merely football.

Despite his surprise, Álvaro tried not to lose the fight and immediately began to question Carolina. “What does it have to do with whether I have played? That is not an argument,” said the presenter. Padrón’s response was as forceful as her first attack.

“Those who have never played does not know how much it costs to win a game, especially in a group stage of the Champions League,” she replied.

“I am not disqualifying you, I defer the triumph of Barcelona. He told me that I played soccer, and it’s true. Under that argument, you couldn’t talk about soccer either,” insisted Álvaro Morales, still surprised by the strength of the attack he had just received.

There are few times that Álvaro Morales has been on the ropes.

There are few times that Álvaro Morales has been on the ropes.

After Padrón’s presentation, the members of the table supported her points of view and pointed to Álvaro Morales. “You are wrong in your words and in your arguments,” said the panelist Miguel Gonzalez.

Although he had everyone against him, Sorcerer found a way to fight for his image until the last moment of the discussion. “I’m doing the best school, dad, for all of you,” Morales boasted.

Álvaro Morales is, today and for a long time, one of the strongest cards of ESPN for analysis and discussion programs. His peculiar style of voice, which he does not hesitate to use when a debate is on, is already a custom in the broadcasts of the sports network. Morales entered as a reporter at World leader.

After several years of doing field work and handling the presentation of SportsCenter, received opportunities on debate shows. It was there when he forged the controversial character that causes so much noise today.

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