“We have tried it other times and now it has arrived without expecting it”

It is without a doubt the news of the week, of the month, and for many, of the year. Maria Jose Campanario and Jesulín de Ubrique will become parents for the third time, if everything follows the usual course, next June.

At 43 years old, the dentist has decided to step forward and be the one to tell all the details about this unexpected but beautiful pregnancy in the first person:

We have tried it other times and it has not arrived and now it has arrived without expecting it. It’s a blessing.

Although the sex of the baby is unknown at the moment, and despite the fact that the bullfighter prefers that it be a boy, the only wish they both have is for it to “come well”.

Nor should we forget the family and the importance it has in this whole process. Although faces like Carmen Bazán or Julia Janeiro have preferred to remain silent, one of the bullfighter’s brothers, Víctor Janeiro, has spoken in LA RAZÓN about this news:

Everything is great. Mine is always fun and I will never be serious because you have to give people joy“, slides the Andalusian downplaying his latest statements in which he was apparently indifferent to the arrival of what will be his nephew.

In addition, Francisca, María José’s paternal aunt, who currently resides in Barcelona, ​​has assured this newspaper that “she has found out on television” of this pregnancy and that her niece “has not communicated the news to them.”

A fact that has not sat well with the relatives of the protagonist, who are upset by the attitude that she has shown towards them. East Campanario’s silence regarding her family at the very least, it is surprising, since she herself has been in charge of speaking with various media to tell many details about this pregnancy.

A process that, despite the adversities and risks that all this could entail, is living with great enthusiasm and hope that everything will turn out well.

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