María G. de Jaime, the faithful squire of Victoria Federica

María G. de Jaime, the faithful squire of Victoria Federica

The words are from Maria G. de Jaime, 26 years old and having a group of followers on social networks who are over 500,000 on Instagram alone.

“Being an ‘influencer’ is a very new profession. And like everything, at first, it is difficult to understand it and get used to the changes that appear almost for days. To those who do not understand our work and criticize us, I would say that this is a job as dignified as that of others. That has its good part and its bad part, like all jobs. It is an incredible marketing tool for brands. When the brand and the ‘influencer’ are in tune, they share a philosophy, the ‘ influencer’ loves the product and shares it with their community of followers, everything always works.”

Today she presents her second jewelry collection called Catalina, which is the name of her young daughter, for Vidal and Vidal. The first, Lola, was inspired by her mother’s jewelry box.

“I still can’t believe it when I see people on the street with my designs. I can’t help stopping them and I tell them,” she recounted with freshness.

“This time I have dedicated the jewelry to my daughter, who has come to revolutionize our lives and I wanted to dedicate it to her. They are jewels that I will keep for her until she is older. I was inspired by my grandmother’s jewelry box. I am a very familiar person,” she emphasizes to LA REZÓN, while assuring that her basics are rings, earrings and pendants.

Her naturalness and, above all, the family she has formed with Tomás, have made María a great claim for brands for just over three years. The couple’s love story could well be that of a romantic movie.

They met when they were only 16 years old (both had their birthday in February only eight days apart) and they were still studying their first year of high school. When they had only been together for about nine months, an unexpected surprise came: Maria became pregnant.

Not everything was rosy, as they themselves recounted years later in the book “Colored boots for rainy days” (Ed. Planeta), and María lived those nine months with great uncertainty, perhaps due to her youth. They were only 18 years old and life was going to change them forever.

At that time they had just started university, she Law and Tomás, Advertising. Their future plans fell apart, but they always say that thanks to their love they managed to overcome the most difficult moments.

Their families “although they did not dance sevillanas when they were told about it” supported them. During the pregnancy and the three years following the birth of Tomi they lived with their parents, finishing their studies.

In 2017 something “clicked” and on a family trip to Ibiza they uploaded a photo of them and their son Tomi. They immediately had a spectacular reception on social networks.

They realized that having been parents so young was something that interested their followers and they began to share their day to day on social networks with a careful aesthetic.

Until today, where they are one of the most sought-after couples in the sector. They make a perfect tandem. “What if Tomás helped me to design the jewels? No! but the moment he saw them, he told me they couldn’t be me anymore. We know each other too much and with a single glance we already understand each other. That is our secret. We are married and a working couple too“, she slides.

“I really value doing things as a family. Now Christmas is coming and I am looking forward to organizing the meetings. I recommend the things that I like with my followers, just like I do with my friends and my family. And at the same time I like to show my day to day with the naturalness with which we live it. I like ham and cheese pizza, I would recommend to travel to Africa, where I spent my honeymoon, and with a nice blazer, heels and big earrings you always triumph. We are lucky to have a very large speaker thanks to our fans (for them I always have a ‘Thank you’). There is an incredible lack of values ​​in society and we do our bit,” says this young woman who is committed to the traditional family model with conviction.

New dreams

Wife, young mother, “influencer”, María tiptoes something about her new dreams: “I have an incredible project at hand that will see the light very soon and I really want to be able to share it with my followers”.

When asked if he is a new member of the family, she does not doubt it: “I think that siblings are an incredible gift for Tomás and Catalina. I want to have a big family. But I think not yet, when they come”, clarifies this woman who loves to get lost in Conil and Tarifa and whose favorite city is Rome, where Tomás asked her to marry him.

Perhaps because María is a lot to take care of her friends, no one was surprised that the “influencer” marriage accompanied Victoria Federica de Marichalar at the “Elle Style Awards” party.

It could have been any event, but it wasn’t. Vic shone like never before on the red carpet in her blue velvet Caprile. She was accompanied by Maria and her husband. A month before, she had opened her social networks. The daughter of the Infanta Elena couldn’t have chosen a better godmother for her public profile.

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