The Civil Guard intervenes in a terrible fight between Shakira and Piqué with a paparazzi

The Civil Guard intervenes in a terrible fight between Shakira and Piqué with a paparazzi

The couple was enjoying an idyllic vacation in Cantabria

All good things come to an end and in the case of summer it is no different. However, there are still many who are rushing these last days of summer to enjoy their vacations, just as Piqué and Shakira have done.

The footballer, the singer and their children have spent a few days in Cantabria, but their nice family break has been clouded by a tense row with a paparazzi which, as it has slipped from ‘It’s already noon’, would have starred the couple.

Apparently, the family are spending their holidays in a house near the Oyambre Natural Park, which offers privileged views of the Cantabrian Sea and the Picos de Europa.

On their usual way from the house to the beach, Piqué and Shakira would have encountered a paparazzi seeking to immortalize the moment, and the reaction of the footballer and the singer would not have been good at all, always as explained in the Sonsoles Ónega program.

Apparently, Piqué, Shakira and their security team would have lost their papers with the paparazzi who only did their job, to the point that the intervention of the Civil Guard was necessary to put peace between them.

An embarrassing incident that once again casts a shadow over the athlete’s figure, who has already starred in other altercations with the authorities or the press in the past.

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