The daughter of “the oldest” is immersed in the tribute that she prepares for her mother, Rocío Jurado. For this reason, this morning she has intervened in ‘The Ana Rosa program’ to tell more details about this controversial tribute ‘Rocío’s last trip’, which premieres tomorrow on Telecinco and the secrets that hide the 18 containers that keep the never-seen belongings of the artist.

A very interesting program that is raising up the entire Mohedano family, except Ortega Cano, who has preferred to remain silent for the moment. The one who has wanted to speak about it is its protagonist, Rocío Carrasco, who is in charge of orchestrating this tribute. “I am nervous, excited, anxious. It is a compendium of emotions “, she said in her live speech.

“I hope to find surprises inside those boxes. I think I know everything there is, but I have that illusion of finding new things and things that I have not seen. I had a long period that I was not living at home with my mother, so I suppose there will be things that I do not know or do not remember. Let’s see what treasure I find that I get closer to her”, she relates to the morning program.

She also assures that the happiest years of his life have been spent in her father’s house, so “I suppose there will be objects and things that will bring back memories that are in my mind and are indelible for life.” “My mother was a mystery in herself, there will be things that I do not remember or be aware of. When I made that move, I did it under complicated emotional circumstances”, she clarifies.

“Anyone who wants to participate will be welcome”

And it is that for Rocío Carrasco, the one from tomorrow will be “a day of tribute”, so “anyone who wants to participate in one way or another, will be welcome”. “I don’t know if anyone might feel upset, I don’t know what I’m going to find. I have my mother’s most important documents at home. Nothing in her house can harm her, far from it,” she declares.

In this sense, the artist’s daughter avoids the question of whether tomorrow we will be able to enjoy the whole family together: “And there will be time to know, to ask, to see, for many things. The important thing is that tomorrow is going to be a wonderful day that is going to be done for and for her, that something incredible is going to be done with great enthusiasm and great desire”.

Rocío Jurado’s daughter assures that for the moment she has not stopped to think what she is going to do with these items: “what I know for sure is that if it is put to use it will be good”.

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