Thalía shows off her mini waist from the gym while lying down in front of the mirror

Thalía shows off her mini waist from the gym while lying down in front of the mirror

Lying in front of a mirror and with the shirt up, Thalía was recorded from the gym to show off the mini waist that she maintains at 51 years old

Thalía made it clear that having a mini waist is not an easy thing, so from the gym she motivated her followers to get a heart-stopping body like hers and what better way to do it than posing in front of the mirror with a sports outfit that helped to show off with a peculiar pose.

It was through her official Instagram profile where the Mexican singer published a video to show off to her 21.1 million followers that she continues to enjoy her spectacular figure at 51 years old.

And it is that, lying in front of a mirror, the protagonist of soap operas such as ‘María Mercedes’, ‘Marimar’, and ‘María la del Barrio’, was recorded with her cell phone, revealing her mini waist.

“To give it with desire to have that little waist of Tal-ia”, she wrote next to the brief recording that has caused a tremendous uproar in social networks.

In addition, the Mexican artist took the opportunity to accompany her images with her most recent musical release “Psycho B ** ch”.

However, this time she was not only showered with praise as on previous occasions, since while her true fans recognized her for having one of the most famous waists in the show, they also attacked her with remarks after the controversy that was created a few days ago by allegedly criticizing Shakira.

“The most beautiful little waist in the world”, “The most beautiful”, “Shakira has a better waist”, “Wasp waist”, “I think she wants to copy Shakira”, “A goddess”, “What a beauty”, “ Only you have that waist”, “Perfect forever”, “The most beautiful”, “Shakira is the most beautiful goddess”, were just some of the messages she received.

Recall that the controversy would have been generated during a live Instagram broadcast, where Thalía was asked what she thought of Shakira and her song “Monotonia”, to which she allegedly assured that she seemed “pathetic” and “dramatic”. ”

And although they have not released any evidence in this regard, fans assure that the Mexican’s response was: “The song seems pathetic to me and Shakira is a dramatic woman. I think that if that man left her it was because he no longer loves her. She should consider herself and not try to be pitiful with those kinds of songs dedicated to a man who no longer loves her.”

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