Last night, TVE issued a monograph dedicated to Carlos Falco. The program, presented by Boris Izaguirre, wanted to pay tribute to the aristocrat. Isabel preysler and her daughter, Tamara Falco, have opened the doors of their house to remember the Marquis, a businessman who studied Agricultural Engineering.

“It has been wonderful having him as a father“, remembered Tamara, current Marchioness of Griñón, on the program.

If I had children I would like to tell you how gentle he was, how wonderful he was. I would like to show them that love for the countryside that he transmitted to me and that one of them would inherit his grandfather’s title“, has confessed when they have asked her what she would transmit to her children from his father.

Tamara has also confessed the feeling of sadness that she will have on her wedding day, if one day she gets married: “It makes me sad that if I get married my father will not be there to take me to the altar.”

“I have been told that my personality is similar to that of my outgoing and affectionate father“, the chef has revealed.

“How lucky to have had such a good father because he has been very special, very affectionate. That in itself is a gift that God has given me and that he has given me and I feel super privileged.”

The MasterChef Celebrity winner still has a hard time accepting that her father is no longer with her.

“My father was never ill. But the last few days you could tell she had a fever. On Saturday they tell him that he has pneumonia. My brother Manolo managed an ambulance for him and they took him to a hospital. That’s when he freaks out. He sends a message from the hospital: There is nothing like public health. They have given me some great sandwiches, I have a park in front. All so that we wouldn’t worry in the least and think he was at the Ritz. But every time we talked to him, he lost his breath.”

“It was all very fast. What I did not know is that he came in on a Wednesday and they had already intubated him, they had sedated him and that he was no longer going to respond to that situation. It is quite a distressing situation. When they gave me the news, my sister Ana began to cry with me. She had also lost her father. They are very complicated moments.”

Tamara has related how, because of the Covid, a normal funeral could not be organized. “You can’t have a funeral as such. We made a small response. It wasn’t even a mass. We said a little prayer”.

Isabel Preysler’s daughter has also revealed that her father dedicated a message to her before his death.

“He wrote me a beautiful letter telling me how proud he was of me. My father was super happy for me. He has inherited the enormous kindness and enormous generosity of his father,” has highlighted Preysler of her second husband.

“Carlos taught them to fish, to hunt. We rode on horseback”, she remembered.

“Everything you asked him he did. My father was someone who said things in a very good tone and said things in a very positive way.” It is another of the phrases with which Tamara Falcó has described her father.

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