The ex of Luis Miguel, Sylvia Pasquel confessed that when she was a child the death of her father was one of the saddest moments of her life, and it also hurt her that her mother did not give her the unfortunate news for a few days. Pasquel revealed the reasons that led her to act that way.

“Yes, we have already talked about it, I already explained it to him, if you have an 8-year-old daughter, and they tell you that your husband died, what decision do you make? Do you make it for yourself? Thinking about well-being of your son? or, because it could also have taken her to the wake and could have caused a trauma in the situation of seeing her father in a coffin.”

“And seeing her father bury in the ground two meters down, then it is a decision that you as a father or mother make thinking that it is the right one for your daughter,” explained the actress during her meeting with the press at the conference of the play Hours counted.

The daughter of Silvia Pinal stressed that Stephanie is already old enough to overcome that moment, because when people grow up they can understand the reasons that adults had to act in a certain way at a certain stage of life.

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